Day 115: Sometimes I forget that I live in “the country.”

Sometimes I forget that I live in “the country.” Then Texas brings little reminders like these around and I am reminded. Rescued two animals today! I’m feeling pretty beast.

Day 71: Sunny skies

I’ll admit, I don’t really appreciate simple things- like being able to breathe easily, or get to sleep without interruption by constant coughs – as much as I ought to. That is…  until I get sick. Today I was finally able to breathe clearly for the first time in almost a week, and I am so grateful! Being sick is no fun. I should really appreciate my health more when I have it.

I did go outside today, and study, which was very nice. Texas weather may have worse mood swings than the cast of Jersey Shore, but today was one of those perfect days where the wind, temperature, and sky were all just right. 🙂 If only every Summer day was like today- all would be right in the world.