Day 362: COOKIES


I had a really good night with some fun peeps tonight. I am so excited to start mine and James’s new board game rule. Every gift giving holiday-like birthday or Christmas, we now have a rule that at least one gift must be a board game of some sort. I am really excited about this and glad we have so much fun. πŸ™‚ I really hope we can possibly host more board game nights in the future because they’re actually a blast and a lot more filled with memories than simply watching a movie or going out to dinner. Not that I don’t love doing those things too. I am just so thankful I have such a fun boyfriend with such diverse interests. No matter what we do we alway have fun, and he is my whole world. I am so glad to have such an amazing guy in my life. πŸ™‚ For a while there I was starting to question if they even existed.


Day 355: Fun end of the world day with my fun boyfriend





We went to nickel mania today and got a whopping 617 tickets! After all that hard work, we ended up with these amazing and priceless prizes. A sling shot and flies that we are still debating on flinging at actual people. OH and those of you reading this probably won’t understand the humor but we laughed for about ten minutes straight as we kept repeating “Eat at Joes!” In a deep, catchy and forceful voice. I’m pretty certain the guy at the drive through heard us and that’s why he was laughing as he handed us our drinks. Oh my gosh we have so much fun. πŸ™‚ one more thing! We did awesome at the basketball shooting game! I was so proud of our scores that I had to have picture evidence!



Day 127: This is the part where…

Today my grandmother told me that I was one of her three best friends. I wanted cry on the spot. It’s such a shame that she is having to go through all of this. It’s crazy how fast this has all come along. Just a month ago (if that) she seemed perfectly healthy. Then she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and now you can just see the ware in her face and body. Now she can’t even walk across the room on her own. It’s crazy how fast things can change. The picture below is of me and my three cousins that I grew up with on my mom’s side. She keeps them on her bedside table, and it’s obvious how much we mean to her.

I guess this is the part where most people question God and how if one exists he (or she) could do such a thing. Could let such injustice happen. For me, that’s not exactly the case. I don’t know how I feel about the whole God thing. Maybe one does exist. Maybe the big bang theory is the truth. Who am I to make such an ambiguous decision that I have no certainty in? Anyways, that’s not what this is about. For me, this is the part where I do everything I can to take things day by day. This is the part where I observe those around me and learn more about others and myself by observing interactions and reactions to such a horrific fate. This is the part where I accept the world for what it is-sometimes a cruel and unfair place- and the part where I do everything I can to spite that universe. The part where I smile even when rocks are being thrown in my direction, and the part where I hold my steady stride regardless of the current state of things. The part where I make a point to view this as an opportunity to test my strength and make happy memories instead of sad ones. This is the part where I don’t let anything get me down. This is the part where I become so angry and fierce that I very possibly cry with confusion, but only for a minute. This is the part where I pull myself up off of the ground, dust myself off, and finish strong because that’s what’s best for everyone right now. This is the part where I refuse to let selfish tears ruin my days. It’s the part where smiles are proven to turn the world right back side up.


Day 121: Finding Your Patch of Sunshine in the Grey

This morning on my drive to school, I couldn’t help but notice the dark, grey sky. It was mournful looking and lonesome. I kept looking though. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, and then I saw it and just knew. A little patch of sunlight in the dreary sky. After finding the sunlight, I just couldn’t seem to let it go. Finally, once I had found that little patch, it seemed as though the clouds started moving rapidly, transforming that little patch of sunlight into eventually half a sky full. Mind you, not all of the sky suddenly became sunny. Had I been turned in a different direction, perhaps that sunny sky would not have been visible to me. Thats what I think life is about. When things seem dreary and mournful, you just have to keep searching. You must! Keep looking for that little patch of sunshine. Once you find it, whatever or whoever your patch of sunshine may be, don’t let go. Appreciate that patch for all it’s worth. Eventually, that little bit of happiness just may turn into a whole sky full of happiness. Just like the sky this morning, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all grey skies will be gone, but it does mean that eventually you’ll have enough sunshine to help you through and not have to feel overwhelmed anymore. No matter how grey and stressful things may get, you always must have an eye out for that patch of sunshine. It’s out there. I promise. Just don’t stop searching.

Day 89: strangers

I recently read something somewhere about how a girl will always greet people no matter what with a smile because you never know if that’s the only smile or kindness they will see all day. She said she thought it was silly, but I’ve been thinking about it and I absolutely love that philosophy. Sometimes we do have those days where we don’t really have time to see or talk to those that make us laugh and smile because it’s such a nonstop day. It’s especially bad when we are having a bad day because we have nobody to give us that much needed hug, or smile and remind us that it’s just one day out of thousands and that everything IS going to be okay. I’m going to try to start living life this way. I already do smile at people pretty often and wave, but I’m going to start doing so with that in mind. And even if it’s not the only greet they get all day, so what? Nobody hates a nice smile or gesture no matter how good or bad their day is going. It’s just refreshing. (o:

Day 83: All You Need Is Love

I love running into little reminders like this that people actually care. They just make my day. Maybe it’s the hippie in me, but I absolutely loved this sign I saw today in Denton. Sometimes, all you really need is a reminder that love is out there. Especially on the days that test your will and strength. As The Beatles say, “All You Need Is Love.”

Day 80: Oh yeah! So THAT’s why we’re friends!

You know those days where you’re reminded why you’re such good friends with someone after you’ve had such a fun day together? Well today was one of those days. Granted, this time no old ladies were offended by me complaining about their butts touching my car, or waiter embarrassed because we don’t know when to hand coupons out, and me dragging Lauren all over DFW to find a nonexistent orange backpack for my nerdy tendencies… it was a pretty fun day. I just cannot wait for tomorrow!! It’s so close! And I got yet ANOTHER person to readΒ The Hunger Games! I love sharing new books and music that people love too.



Day 77: Happy New Year

So today, the first of Spring, marks the first day of the new year on the Iranian calendar. So whether this applies to you or not, may you have a prosperous and happy new year filled with health, laughter, and love. πŸ™‚

And this is my Mamanjune with her beloved bird. I think I’ll always be scared of the thing, but it’s pretty cute when it just sits on her head.

Day 46: Be the First to Say Hello

If you know me at all, you know that I am one of the most anti-social people ever. I generally do my best to avoid sitting near random strangers, and I’m not generally one to say “hello” first. Although, I must admit that I can be quite the chatty Kathy once the ice is indeed broken. So anyways, I read something yesterday titled “Life’s Little Instructions.” It was Compiled by suggestions from a 95 year-old who obviously knows what he’s doing after being on the earth for such a long time. He’s figured out little tips and tricks to help life be brighter and more fulfilling I guess you could say. Anywho, I read through this, and one of the things that struck me was the statement,

“Be the first to say hello.”

I am one of the most guilty people when it comes to not saying hello first, and it’s not because I don’t want to talk to the person next to me. It’s generally because my annoying shyness takes over and I freeze up. Today I decided to do just that. Be the first to say hello. Take initiative. First, I was in my car on the way to school when I passed a man walking his dog. I smiled and waved at him, and a big smile crept across his face as he lifted his arm to wave back. It’s nice to know that I was the reason that man had a smile on his face because of a simple gesture that hardly took any of my time. If anything, it actually made me feel better too!

Second, I’ve decided to actively smile at people a lot more. I know that I have a habit of keeping to myself, but I’ve found that gives off a negative vibe. Even though I don’t mean for it to in the slightest, I feel that people are much less approachable when they don’t look too happy-even if they’re actually content and just not showing it. So I smiled at a boy in a class of mine -admittedly yes I have a bit of a school girl crush on him, but i’d say the smile was pretty boldly obvious and not just a smile for the whole class to take in. He smiled back, and this time, he said hello first. Doesn’t sound like much, but I feel that I’m learning that even a simple smile can suffice as a “hello.”

Another interaction I had today with a stranger that doesn’t normally happen is that I got into a pretty good talk with a stranger today. I’m usually not one to do so, but I’ve heard that small talk with strangers can sometimes lead to the best talks people have ever had. It was sparked with the book I was reading, and we just got to talking for a good 15 minutes. It wasn’t weird at all, and was actually really interesting. It’s crazy how the stranger sitting next to you can actually be extremely compatible with you conversation and interest-wise, but you’d never know it just by sitting in silence next to them. And why not say hello? Odds are they’re waiting to see if you’ll say hello first too. Why wait for things to happen that may or may not when you can take the initiative and be bold and approachable instead? I’d say my shell is definitely opening up, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. πŸ™‚

It’s about time.