Day 353: Night with the homies

Apparently this is my theme song according to Katherine.

Tonight we – the trifecta- spent at least hour looking through old videos we’ve made and laughing after our baking extravaganza. Memories are so much fun to look back on. Especially when you have the people that were with you at the time of the memory with you as you reminisce. I have the best friends in the entire world. ❤











Awkward? Me? Never


For some reason, I have always been exquisite at making a fool of myself in public. My natural awkwardness doesn’t help much with this either. Whether it be saying something I shouldn’t, and turning around to see the one person out of the 7 billion in the world that I didn’t want to see at that exact moment… Running into walls… Laughing at jokes that turn out to not have been jokes at all… Thinking that for some strange reason that people don’t recognize me in sunglasses…THEY DO. Lol, I can’t explain why I do these things, or why I have tendencies to be in the wrong places at the wrong times. Well today, this awkwardness and making a fool of myself-ness seemed to be the theme. It was alright though, because I’m pretty sure I laughed so hard and so much about my stupidity with my friend Lauren tonight that I did the equivalent of ten ab workouts at the gym. 🙂