Day 362: COOKIES


I had a really good night with some fun peeps tonight. I am so excited to start mine and James’s new board game rule. Every gift giving holiday-like birthday or Christmas, we now have a rule that at least one gift must be a board game of some sort. I am really excited about this and glad we have so much fun. 🙂 I really hope we can possibly host more board game nights in the future because they’re actually a blast and a lot more filled with memories than simply watching a movie or going out to dinner. Not that I don’t love doing those things too. I am just so thankful I have such a fun boyfriend with such diverse interests. No matter what we do we alway have fun, and he is my whole world. I am so glad to have such an amazing guy in my life. 🙂 For a while there I was starting to question if they even existed.


Day 342: Precious

I’m pretty certain I have the most adorable pup in the whole wide world. Every now and then, max finds these dog bones or chew treats, and he goes all around the house -sometimes for 30 minutes- just carrying it around and trying to hide it somewhere. It is just precious to watch him. I love this little guy so much.