Day 362: COOKIES


I had a really good night with some fun peeps tonight. I am so excited to start mine and James’s new board game rule. Every gift giving holiday-like birthday or Christmas, we now have a rule that at least one gift must be a board game of some sort. I am really excited about this and glad we have so much fun. 🙂 I really hope we can possibly host more board game nights in the future because they’re actually a blast and a lot more filled with memories than simply watching a movie or going out to dinner. Not that I don’t love doing those things too. I am just so thankful I have such a fun boyfriend with such diverse interests. No matter what we do we alway have fun, and he is my whole world. I am so glad to have such an amazing guy in my life. 🙂 For a while there I was starting to question if they even existed.


Day 355: Fun end of the world day with my fun boyfriend





We went to nickel mania today and got a whopping 617 tickets! After all that hard work, we ended up with these amazing and priceless prizes. A sling shot and flies that we are still debating on flinging at actual people. OH and those of you reading this probably won’t understand the humor but we laughed for about ten minutes straight as we kept repeating “Eat at Joes!” In a deep, catchy and forceful voice. I’m pretty certain the guy at the drive through heard us and that’s why he was laughing as he handed us our drinks. Oh my gosh we have so much fun. 🙂 one more thing! We did awesome at the basketball shooting game! I was so proud of our scores that I had to have picture evidence!



Day 353: Night with the homies

Apparently this is my theme song according to Katherine.

Tonight we – the trifecta- spent at least hour looking through old videos we’ve made and laughing after our baking extravaganza. Memories are so much fun to look back on. Especially when you have the people that were with you at the time of the memory with you as you reminisce. I have the best friends in the entire world. ❤










Day 345: Fun date night

Tonight I got to see James for the first time on a Saturday in a long time since he is usually working. We had so much fun-as we always do! We had dinner and then went to Walmart to do a $15 gift challenge. We both separated ways and had to buy something or somethings for the other person, doing our best to spend as close up to $15 that we could. It was really fun to go searching, and also really fun to give each other the gifts! I really did enjoy the night with him. I think we both needed it after such a long and dreadful week. These are the goodies I received at the end of the challenge. 🙂 Yes, they were actually thoughtful, just like my amazingly thoughtful and sweet boyfriend.


Day 251: Color Me Rad

Today was so much fun. James and I went to the Color Me Rad run, which was my second 5k of the year. And yet I am still considering another this year! A year ago, never would I have ever believed you of you told me I would do one 5k willingly, let alone two in the same year, and even consider doing a third! It’s crazy how much we can change in just a year. I believe I have changed for the best.

We got to the race early, but still had to wait in line for our shirts and race numbers and such. After we were finished taking our sweet time, we realized that we had missed our race… We were in such shock. It ended up working out though because the Texas weather angels decided to be nice today and the weather wasn’t supposed to be over 85 all day, unlike yesterday where it was over 100 degrees. We just grabbed lunch and came back later for the one o’clock run since the last 9:40 wave had come and gone. All in all, it was a wonderful day, and everything worked itself out. Gosh, I sure do love this boy. 🙂












Day 174: It Finally Feels Like Summer

Tonight was the first time in a while that I’ve had a night that actually felt like Summer. Concert nights with friends and staying out late with no responsibilities are what Summer should be about. I can’t wait to be finished with this Summer class, and for next weekend to be over so that I’ll finally be finished with my waitressing job, and I’ll have my weekends to myself again. Summer nights are the best. 🙂






20120624-025726.jpg We held up this “Honk of you love One Direction” sign out the window, and got over 30 honks while waiting in traffic. It was greatness. We also sang to people as they walked past our car singing, “You don’t know you’re beautiful!” it was a blast.

Day 145: Turner Falls!

Tonight’s post is dedicated to the trifecta mini day trip to Turner Falls.

Day 137: Six Flags

Today is the second day in a row that I’ve been to six flags. I sincerely believe that buying a season pass was the way to go. It’s already more than paid or itself by far in two visits. Today I went with Katherine, Shelby, Cody, Shannon, and Sakina. It was so much fun!! I love them all so darned much and wish they didn’t have to go to college so far away. Minus the wasting two hours in lines for rides that ended up malfunctioning, it was a really wonderful day.


This quote was stated after our argument at Culver’s about whether or not bees have knees. It was basically me versus everyone else stating that bees don’t actually have them, despite our unhealthy fascination with the phrase, “bees knees.” Katherine said something about how if a limb has a joint then it has a knee, and she realized that fingers and arms have joints too, and this is where I stated, “I got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one!” Why you ask? I have no heavenly clue, but boy was it hilarious at the time!

This picture is probably my all time favorite from today. I just love how all the colors pop. It’s just perfect.





Day 118: We Survived The Survival Run


Today my mom and I took part in “The Survival Race.” The race was a 5k and sprinkled with challenges and obstacles throughout. For instance, we jumped over fire, climbed 15ft walls and muddy hills, sludges through the mud and lakes, climbed through trenches, and jumped barrels. It was intense. It was absolutely a lot of fun though. It really made me want to sign up for more 5ks in the future! If only Texas didn’t get so darned hot in the Summer!