Day 286: Cutiepatootie



Day 115: Sometimes I forget that I live in “the country.”

Sometimes I forget that I live in “the country.” Then Texas brings little reminders like these around and I am reminded. Rescued two animals today! I’m feeling pretty beast.

Day 69: lengua apreciación y hide and go seek

I have so much respect for people that can speak multiple languages. It’s tough work. I whipped out my Spanish to tonight with a couple in the kitchen at work today. They’re both really sweet. I think this is going to be a really good thing because I’ve been meaning to practice my español up in hurr! I think going to Spain was one of the best things that I did because it really made me appreciate the language. Being lost in paris made me appreciate all languages because they can come of use anywhere, and i got so lucky that the father and daughter that overheard me and the other two people that got pushed off of the train spoke Spanish. They helped us find the right way, and stayed with us until our teacher and the rest of the students came back for us. I’m hoping to brush up on my Spanish, and then eventually I’d like to learn French. Of course I also want to learn Farsi too, so I’ve got a pretty big list going on. For now I’m going to focus on perfecting my Spanish. I really need to work on past tenses and subjunctive.

Anywhoo, I know you’re probably sick of pictures of my dog, but I’m not, and will never be, so here are a couple more, and there haven’t been more yet, ohh but there will be. You better believe that. He’s just so cute!



As you can see… He’s really good at hide and go seek.

Day 56: Puppy Love

So after a brutal workout yesterday morning, I woke up to find that I could hardly move my legs and just about every other part of my body. This is what made me decide it was a good reading day. An excuse to sit around and enjoy a good book. It was also absolutely beautiful outside, and if you know anything about Texas weather, you take a beautiful and perfect day when you can get it. The only obstacle in the way of this relaxing reading time, however we’re my two rascals, Sugar and Spice. They only wanted to play. Of course, I gave into those puppy dog eyes so easily, but after a while I really just wanted to indulge in my book on this fine day. Sugar was so set on me playing with her, she tried to steal my book a few times and got water damage all over it because of her slobber. She was so cute though, that I just couldn’t get mad at her. And she knew it.




I will say, that after going inside, I managed to finish the book I was reading, The Hunger Games, and it was an absolutely wonderful book. I already found myself reading the first two chapters of the next book online, and making plans in my head to head to Barnes and nobles and use my giftcard to buy the second book! I love not having to wait for books to come out. 🙂 I think it helps to keep the intimacy of the series at hand because you don’t forget details from previous books overtime.
And I’m sure it goes without saying that I am absolutely ecstatic about the movie’s release next month! I’m absolutely hoping that the midnight will be an option!

Day 49: Women in the kitchen, but if the men don’t help, they’d better stay away from the finished product.

I’m not sure if I love cooking or if I hate it. I think I just get too serious about it and need everything to be perfect, that I make it stressful and chaotic. I should probably take a chill pill before entering a kitchen. Nonetheless, today was pretty much all spent in the kitchen making homemade bread, tortilla soup, sugary monkey bread, stuffed chicken, meatloaf, potatoes, homemade salsa-which is way more delicious than prepackaged salsa- and I’m sure I’m missing something in there, but I’m pleased to say that everything turned out as it was supposed to. 🙂 I meant to get a picture of all the food, but it got dug into so fast it was kid of difficult to do. Anywho, here’s the soup and bread that I’m SOUPa proud of 😉 seewhatididthere?





And of course we had our little helper/vacuum that stuck around to check for scraps and people who fell for his puppy dog eyes.