Over the course of 2012 so much happened. I am so glad that I have so much of it recorded through my eyes on my “little 365-day project.” I don’t want to forget to take a second and think of how I am actually feeling and actually take a second to listen to my million mile an hour thoughts. I want to be able to look back years from now and not just have the past be a faint blur. I really like how in a blog that whatever I am feeling or thinking will be there now, and five years from now when I am looking back on my college years. I have decided to continue with my blog, however I am going to change requirements to one update a week. Maybe some weeks I’ll have a lot more to say, but for now I’m only requiring myself one post weekly. If i can do 365 in a year I should sure as heck be able to do 52 this year. The past few months, with all the stresses and chaos of classes- I feel like my blog could have been so much more. Now I am going for quality over quantity. So here we go! Onto 2013, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I really hope this year is so much better than 2012 was.

So it’s the start of the new year and just like everyone I have begun thinking of how I can better myself, and things I would like to change this year. I started making a little list on my whiteboard, which turned into a big list that I started just trying to find room for. It made me realize… I sure have a lot of aspirations. I feel like I lost myself last year-specifically last semester. I really want to work towards being the old me again, and actually making time for fun and creativity. It makes life so much happier and fun. I want to also work on my attitude. I need to be more positive. This past semester I complained so much, and I know I wasn’t the most fun to be around all of the time. I let things get to me way more than I should have, and I wasn’t the happy optimistic person that I know I am. Part of that I know was not being able to run anymore with my ankle, part was my coping with my grandma, and I know a huuuge part was the overwhelming burden of school. Never have I ever had a semester take over my life and just make me so miserable as this past semester’s has. No longer is that allowed. I need something to get away from that. I have to take a break from school every now and then. I’ve got to make time for myself this semester because I’ve realized it is oh so important. I rarely got a second to myself, and if I did it was spent sleeping and catching up on that extra sleep. This semester will be different. It has to be. No matter how much I have going on, I am going to do my best to remember to make time for me. Below are the goals I have thought of… so far. And for the record I plan to actually stick with these, and check up on them quite frequently.

DSC00040I really hope to pick up photography again this semester. Especially after receiving the wonderful dslr camera that I did this Christmas. The more practice I get, hopefully the better mine will look. 🙂 I took the ones below with it over the past couple of days, and I am so excited to see just what this puppy can do! 😉 I will post some as often as I can, and hopefully throughout the year, improvement will be seen. Oh, and ya know what? I just decided that I’ll be taking at least one picture with it a week and uploading it. That way I’m SURE to get some practice with it. No excuses.



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