Day 341: My Love

Today I had a wonderful and much needed day with my love.

This is the first actual day I have gotten to spend with him for more than a few hours at a time since Summer. Goodness gracious. It’s crazy how much you can miss a person even though you talk to them every day, and see them once or twice a week in passing. Just missing that quality time with them. We did a lot today. Including go to this bubble tea place where we played a pretty intense game of trouble and I won. >:)

We also went looking at Christmas lights and it was so much fun. One house was so legit, their entire garage was a Santa workshop. I took a picture, but even so it doesn’t quite do it justice.

I think today gave me that push I needed to keep going after such a crazy semester, and I know I can make it through this next week. Christmas break is almost here. Just one more week.


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