Day 345: Fun date night

Tonight I got to see James for the first time on a Saturday in a long time since he is usually working. We had so much fun-as we always do! We had dinner and then went to Walmart to do a $15 gift challenge. We both separated ways and had to buy something or somethings for the other person, doing our best to spend as close up to $15 that we could. It was really fun to go searching, and also really fun to give each other the gifts! I really did enjoy the night with him. I think we both needed it after such a long and dreadful week. These are the goodies I received at the end of the challenge. šŸ™‚ Yes, they were actually thoughtful, just like my amazingly thoughtful and sweet boyfriend.



2 thoughts on “Day 345: Fun date night

  1. dude i have a bowl that is the exact like complement to that mug!!!! it has the same flower thing, i think they are meant to be pairs but i just got the bowl DUDEEEEE ;))))) you know what that means… šŸ˜‰

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