Day 344: Students can make a difference

Over the course of this semester, I have had countless problems with unfair grading and treatment from a certain faculty member. Countless other students in my course have had those exact problems as well. There is no reason for over half of a class to be failing. Especially not for the specific course to which I am referring.

Well, I decided to do something about it. I arranged an appointment with the person in charge of the one “teaching” our course, I managed to get quite a few signatures on a letter I helped to put together in regards to the unfair treatment we receive in the class, and also gathered quite a few people to attend that meeting. Basically, I took charge, and did all I could to make a difference. I was sick and tired of putting forth hours and hours into a course, including seeing my instructor outside of the class weekly, yet coming out with nothing to show for all of my work. It was incredibly dishearteining. Especially since other students taking that same exact course were passing with A’s, yet showing forth maybe 1/4 of the effort and work that those in our class were putting forth.

The meeting was today. The result? The one we spoke with in charge agreed whole-heartedly with everything we said. She has agreed to give our papers another look, and give us the fair grades we deserve. I am so thankful. It is nice to know that students actually can make a difference.


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