Day 292: Nerd Alert

I know it may seem lame, but I am currently learning about enantiomers, non-superimposable, and chiral molecules in my Organic Chemistry class. I specifically have a quiz over the drug Thalidomide tomorrow morning, and interestingly enough, my nerdy side showed my boyfriend just last week with my Organic Chemistry model kit this concept of chirality and how mirror images of the same molecule being non-superimposable therefore potentially can cause horrible and undesired effects such as the birth defects that Thalidomide caused in the 1950’s. Interestingly enough, apparently this exact drug and concept came up in a show he watches called “Breaking Bad.” Hmm… This sure did make me want to look into the show myself! Gosh, why am I so nerdy? I think I may have found a new show. I love when shows line up with things I am actually learning in school. Whoop whoop!

weak interactions

Breaking Bad : Season 1 : Episode 2 : “Cat’s in the Bag”

Scrambling to deal with the fallout from their encounter with the local drug dealers, Walt and Jesse again turn to chemistry. In this post, I’ll be talking about chirality and how to dispose of a body with hydrofluoric acid.

You can read more about this episode at AMC, IMDb and the A.V. Club.

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