Day 284: October is here

Stickers make me happy. Halloween makes me happy. Halloween stickers make me ecstatic!

Today is the first of October. The first day in the month of one of my all-time favorite holidays. Halloween!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. While in a craft store today I decided that now that classes have started to calm down and I am finding a system, I need to sit down and write some friends that attend colleges far away hand-written letters. I don’t want to let this time pass by and regret not having let them know just how much I truly appreciate them even if the distance between is us in the four digits. I know I may have a lot going on, but just like with working out, if something matters enough to you… You’ll make time for it. I am actually really excited about writing them and including these adorable stickers. I will admit… They are so adorable that I may or may not have already broken the seals and put a Halloween sticker in my planner for each week of the month of October. I really am excited about this. 🙂



One thought on “Day 284: October is here

  1. THE FRANKENSTEIN IS SO CUTE!!!! i saw this and (like in superbad bill hader voice) was like something something “mistaaaaa” except i went stickaaaaaaaaaaaa okay cool story AH NAH

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