Day 283: True Loveee… Friendship. Same thing.

I love my friend Katherine soo much! We have managed to keep in contact at least once a day for about a year now. Whether we just send a smiley face via text because we are having a super busy day, or the times we send mini novels about our days and weeks and lives. Or sometimes, as shown below, we’ll just send one another pictures to share “the happs” like the ones below that we sent tonight. Even if they’re as boring as us in our study zones like tonight. Friendship takes work, and after finding out we would be going to college in states across the country, we decided that our friendship was much too important to just let fall by the wayside like some others have. Friendship is a two way street. It’s basically a relationship. It takes effort from both ends, and I think we deserve a bromance award or something for all the effort we have put into this relationship. I feel just as close with her as I did when we were best friends in high school and I know it is because we both put so much effort in and truly care for one another. Even if we may talk about ridiculous things or call one another “tool” or “beautiful douche.” Homesssss I know you’ll be reading this, and I love you so much! Fo realz. You’re the bestest! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Day 283: True Loveee… Friendship. Same thing.

  1. WE BALLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))))))))) ❤ ❤ ❤ ILOVEYEWSOMUCHHOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! forealz doin it BIG (deep voice)

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