Day 270: Technicalities

Tonight I will be double posting. Thanks to technicalities, I won’t submit the next until midnight had struck so that technically I am still the two-day post regulations, despite my previous lethargic night. -_- It is official. School is here and it is very real. Wrestling itself into my stresses and sleep time. Here comes another year.

As much as I complain about Organic Chemistry, I actually kind of like it. Once the main points are grasped and understood, I like how the rules will always apply. This is why I fell in love with math. And now I’m actually teaching it! Once you figure out the formula and rules for the equations or problems, the rest just fell into place. Don’t get me wrong, Organic Chemistry is a TON of work, but I am actually interested in it and I am going to do everything I can to make that A this semester.

Everything is getting more real all of the sudden. I have a job shadowing opportunity next week, I am signed up for practice MCAT and GREs, I am in three health clubs on campus to help broaden my understanding of the field and hopefully help me decide whether I want to be a Physician Assistant or a Doctor, and I am always on the run. I feel like I am always either working, at school, or doing homework. Or of course taking a quick coffee break. Coffee is going to definitely be my friend this semester, no doubt.


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