Day 251: Color Me Rad

Today was so much fun. James and I went to the Color Me Rad run, which was my second 5k of the year. And yet I am still considering another this year! A year ago, never would I have ever believed you of you told me I would do one 5k willingly, let alone two in the same year, and even consider doing a third! It’s crazy how much we can change in just a year. I believe I have changed for the best.

We got to the race early, but still had to wait in line for our shirts and race numbers and such. After we were finished taking our sweet time, we realized that we had missed our race… We were in such shock. It ended up working out though because the Texas weather angels decided to be nice today and the weather wasn’t supposed to be over 85 all day, unlike yesterday where it was over 100 degrees. We just grabbed lunch and came back later for the one o’clock run since the last 9:40 wave had come and gone. All in all, it was a wonderful day, and everything worked itself out. Gosh, I sure do love this boy. 🙂












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