Day 235: Teaching really is so fulfilling

I love love love my job. I love getting to teach math all day, and help kiddos learn. I finally understand that rewarding feeling of teaching. There is this one adorable younger boy I have been working with for a few months now. When he first came to us he could hardly add 8 + 2. It took him the longest time to grasp this. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever grasp these basics that we had been trying to get across. Now, he adds them like they’re no big deal, and is so rewarding to watch him fly through addition problems. One of the things he was also just not seeming to grasp was money. It just would not click, and it seemed futile after a while of trying to reword and reteach how to make ten cents with coins. Words cannot express how proud of him I was this week when he finally grasped how to tell how much change to get from a one, five, ten, and 20 dollar bill at the store from buying something at a set amount. I guess maybe it was finally worded correctly, or after seeing it enough times something finally clicked for him, but he actually can give the amount of change back. Without having to use any number blocks or anything!! It’s so fulfilling to watch this student grow. πŸ™‚ I am genuinely just so proud of him. I made him give me a high five! I remember the lost look on his face he used to give me when I would ask him to add two simple single digit numbers. It may not seem like a big deal, but it really really is and I am just so touched to have been a part of the experience of getting him to see that math actually does make sense. πŸ™‚ One of these days, he is going to buy something from a store, and get incorrect change back, march right back in there and demand the correct change back all because I taught him how to count back money.


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