Day 222: Whoa

I need to give a shoutout to my iPhone for making these blog posts even possible. Without the WordPress app, I doubt I could have gone a month posting every day. Yet here I am, 222 days later, still on a roll. I am over half way to my goal of 365 days of blogging and I am just so excited about it. And to be quite frank I’m a bit proud of myself too. The reason I took so long to begin with was because I wasn’t quite sure I could do it. I decided to have faith though, and here I am. 🙂 i have learned a lot about believing in myself just this year. It’s crazy how much I can surprise myself. For instance, when I trained for the 5k earlier in the year and actually made it to where I could run that far without stopping and then some. Never last year would I ever have believed you if you had told me I could run even two miles without stopping, let alone a little over three. And here I am, training yet again for another 5k. Second of the year. You truly can do so much when you actually believe in yourself and put your mind to the task. No excuses allowed, you just have to DO IT.


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