Day 195: Funky Fusion

So today James and I went to this restaurant we had never been to before called Rudy’s. He had heard outstanding reviews, so we had to try it out. I must say… This was definitely the strangest BBQ place I had ever been to. It was a very country atmosphere (not that there is anything wrong with that) but the food wasn’t even served on plates. It was served on this paper stuff, kind of like wax paper but not as nice. That paper was set in a coke bin, and that was that. I wish I’d taken a picture, but unfortunately I was too overwhelmed by the strangeness of this place that I didn’t even think about it. It was pretty neat though. The food was actually quite delicious! The windows looked like garage doors, and the tables were cafeteria style. The chip selection was also pretty interesting. There were sooo many to choose from, so of course we had to go with the one that had the most interesting name.

Overall, I’d say the new place trial was definitely a success. The place may have been VERY different, but I think it was pretty neat. Oh! I haven’t even mentioned the best part! While we were looking at the strange windows, we noticed an older gentleman outside standing by his car. At first I made a light-hearted statement asking if James was looking at the windows or at the man outside. He turned away from the window and made a comment about how it looked like the man was wearing a robe. Two seconds later, since I am the one facing the window, I see the gentleman take off this “robe” and I just start laughing. It was pretty ridiculous. We look back, and he is putting on a shirt that says, “Jesus Loves You.” Again we are cracking up. He starts walking inside, and then we don’t see him for another five minutes. After about five minutes he walks back to his car, and we make a joke about him having been asked to leave because when he took off this “robe” he only put a shirt on to replace it. No pants. OBVIOUSLY he left so early because he was asked to leave for not wearing any pants. (Full disclosure we still aren’t certain if he actually was or wasn’t wearing pants, as the window only allowed us to see above his hips.)


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