Day 168: My biffle

20120617-235446.jpg Sometimes it can be scary how fast technology is advancing. For instance, today I found out that my computer can recognize faces of people. It had me a bit freaked out. Then it asked me if I was my Asian biffle, and I laughed and realized that maybe technology isn’t all that smart sometimes.


One thought on “Day 168: My biffle

  1. Hahaha I am in your heart… maybe that is the reason for the mistake? 😉 Also, I will have wifi again tonight (my time)! I will text you with the LINE app and we can converse, yo. 😉 LOVE YOU!! Glad to know FB is leaving little reminders for you so you won’t forget me while you’re out… livin your lyfe 😉 haha. 3 winky faces in 1 comment? I THINK YES

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