Day 149:Days like this

Not all days are productive. Not all days should be productive. Sometimes we just need a break. Today I got one of those breaks. My friend Maddi and I had originally had this big birthday celebration planned out, and ended up just sleeping in and hanging by the pool instead. It was so nice and relaxing. We literally accomplished nothing all day and it felt so good. Days like that are difficult to come by, and I realize my days like that are limited, so I have to enjoy my Summers while I still have them. I have a bad habit of stressing myself out over things, but that’s no good. I know it isn’t. What’s the point in stressing? Especially during Summer when I’m given beautiful days like this. It’d be a shame to taint them with worry and stress. This is the time for destressing. I’ll have plenty of time to stress next semester when I’m taking the hardest class of my life… organic chemistry. -_-



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