Day 144: Memory Lane

Today I took a walk down memory lane with Maddi. We took a trip back to Flower Mound High School and visited out favorite teacher, Bthom. I hated high school, but I will admit that I do miss newspaper with him. The photo above is from a few years back at a newspaper convention. We look so young, it’s crazy! Going back today made me feel so old… I’m almost 20.


The picture above is the plaque I made him at the end of my senior year. Supposedly he reads it to his classes every year on the first day. I feel so honored.



2 thoughts on “Day 144: Memory Lane

  1. hahahahaha this is the most wonderful thing!!!!! bthom was so great!!!!!!! im glad hes doing well (maybe?). omg that list of insults… saving this fo-eva!! bahaha uglycicles

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