Day 143: Birthday Dinner

Just a warning… I’m about to get a bit sappy. I went on probably the best date of my life tonight. James took me to Benihana for a birthday dinner, and then we went back to his apartment and played scene it with he and his roomie and roomie’s girlfriend. It’s not really what we did, but more of just how fun it was and how gentlemanly he was about the whole thing. I’ve never had a guy treat me as specially and sweetly as he has. Not all guys are the same. It’s taken a while to realize this, but it was absolutely worth the wait. 🙂

On a less sappy note, max was looking especially adorable today, so I took a picture.

Also… For some reason my friends Lauren and Jenna find him to be rather British looking. I don’t really understand it, but they won’t give up on the fact. I found out today that his middle name is actually pronounced “Britain.” Oh my goodness they had a field day with that. I have to admit that I found it rather funny and coincidental myself. Seriously though… What are the odds?!



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