Day 136: So today marks …


Damn you sock monkey!!

So today marks my summer reunion with Katherine who is basically my soulmate. We were pretty much made to be best friends and are so in sync, it’s kind of ridiculous. For instance, earlier today we were talking and I go “Dude, I can see the fingerprints on your sunglasses, gross.” And K Wong goes, “Eww. I guess my fingers are greasy.” Then, we both froze in place, pausing for about four seconds. Slowly, we both began to say, “…Well, they don’t call ya greasy fingers fo’ nothin’!!” gradually getting louder, more excited, and more obnoxious as we both realized that we were making the exact same stupid joke! I am so happy she is back in Texas to hang out with her, though I guess there isn’t too much to catch up on because I’m proud to say that we’ve had a text-everyday-streak that has been going on for about eight months straight! (: We’ve basically been in one, krazy long emoji-filled multi-text/phone conversation. My only regret is that we did not realize how perfect we are for one another until junior year of high school– think of all the good times we have missed out on! If only we hadn’t initially dismissed each other as “that Green Day punk” and “that Asian nerd.” Though admittedly, our mutual tendency to assume stereotypes has led to some pretty funny memories.

Here is a GIF of Katherine killing both my sock monkey and my happiness simultaneously… Some might even call it a GIF-t πŸ˜‰ Click here, bitches!

I accidentally poked a random girl on FB. Here is my unfortunate and pathetic apology explanation message looool
LOL This picture is SO GROSS. Basically, K Wongi and I realized that we had the same color nail polish and skin tone (pasty, pale, and ethnic) and thought it would be SO clever if we took a picture of each of our legs so it would look like a pair of legs from a single person. Only after we took the picture did we realize how incredibly awkward the photo angle would be. looolz. As Cody said in response to our picture, “AHHHHHHH!!! Dah bleep?!!”
(1) what the eff is going on with Katherine’s hair?!! (2) My expression = dun mess wit dis πŸ˜‰

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