Day 137: Six Flags

Today is the second day in a row that I’ve been to six flags. I sincerely believe that buying a season pass was the way to go. It’s already more than paid or itself by far in two visits. Today I went with Katherine, Shelby, Cody, Shannon, and Sakina. It was so much fun!! I love them all so darned much and wish they didn’t have to go to college so far away. Minus the wasting two hours in lines for rides that ended up malfunctioning, it was a really wonderful day.


This quote was stated after our argument at Culver’s about whether or not bees have knees. It was basically me versus everyone else stating that bees don’t actually have them, despite our unhealthy fascination with the phrase, “bees knees.” Katherine said something about how if a limb has a joint then it has a knee, and she realized that fingers and arms have joints too, and this is where I stated, “I got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one!” Why you ask? I have no heavenly clue, but boy was it hilarious at the time!

This picture is probably my all time favorite from today. I just love how all the colors pop. It’s just perfect.






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