Day 132: Patience is a virtue

The saying, “patience is a virtue,” is an important one overlooked by many, unfortunately. When I see people get overly angry over minuscule things that just don’t matter, I feel bad for them. I don’t understand why they have to get so mad. If they’d just take a second, talk about whatever it is, or take that extra five minutes to walk away and think things through, they could learn so much about themselves instead. They could avoid making someone else feel stupid or useless. They could grow from it, and become a wiser and more knowledgeable person in the ways of both themselves and the world. I apologize for rambling, I just hate seeing people angry for no reason. I hate seeing them break their composure because of one little pointless thing. Lose their decency and my respect for them all at once. Maybe this sounds silly to you, but I just had to let that out.


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