Day 121: Finding Your Patch of Sunshine in the Grey

This morning on my drive to school, I couldn’t help but notice the dark, grey sky. It was mournful looking and lonesome. I kept looking though. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, and then I saw it and just knew. A little patch of sunlight in the dreary sky. After finding the sunlight, I just couldn’t seem to let it go. Finally, once I had found that little patch, it seemed as though the clouds started moving rapidly, transforming that little patch of sunlight into eventually half a sky full. Mind you, not all of the sky suddenly became sunny. Had I been turned in a different direction, perhaps that sunny sky would not have been visible to me. Thats what I think life is about. When things seem dreary and mournful, you just have to keep searching. You must! Keep looking for that little patch of sunshine. Once you find it, whatever or whoever your patch of sunshine may be, don’t let go. Appreciate that patch for all it’s worth. Eventually, that little bit of happiness just may turn into a whole sky full of happiness. Just like the sky this morning, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all grey skies will be gone, but it does mean that eventually you’ll have enough sunshine to help you through and not have to feel overwhelmed anymore. No matter how grey and stressful things may get, you always must have an eye out for that patch of sunshine. It’s out there. I promise. Just don’t stop searching.


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