Day 108: Medicine and Travel Aspirations

I am absolutely ecstatic about my latest travel plan. Nothing is set in stone (except my heart… har har) but I really want to travel to either Nicaragua or Africa either this winter break or next Summer to help with medical service in places that are in much of need. Not only will an experience like this be just what I need to help boost my resume for Medical School, but I believe that it will be life-changeing. Not only because I will be traveling abroad, but because I will be gaining hands on experience with medicine and patients. I absolutely have always wanted to go to Africa, but Nicaragua might be a better idea since it is closer, I would be more easily adaptable to the lifestyle, and hopefully by then my Spanish would be a lot more fluent. I am taking an advanced Spanish grammar course next semester, so theoretically it SHOULD be. There are a couple other places that this program is located in, so we’ll see where I end up. I think I finally have come up with a good birthday gift idea. I usually never know what I want for my birthday, but this time I think I know just what would be perfect. This opportunity would cost money of course, so I am thinking of starting up a donate website and asking for people to donate to this cause instead of handing me physical gifts. I had started a birthday list earlier this month that consisted of three things. One: money. Two: an amazon gift-card (aka money). Three: A travel map that is similar to a scratch-off lotto ticket, where you scratch off where you have been, and facts and pretty colors show up underneath. Funny enough, this new gift idea would relate to all of the others, only this time it would be actually going to a cause instead of just my pocket. It is also travel-related, which shows its relation to the map gift. One of the reasons I was hesitant to confirm my desire to go into medicine was my ability to travel abroad. I guess in my mind, a doctor worked in a hospital day and night, and never has the ability to go anywhere- as in travel- and get to gain more cultural perspective and personal experience. I am learning more and more, however, that some doctors dedicate their lives to just what I feared I would be losing by pursing a career in medicine – traveling. People all around the world need healthcare. Some countries are less fortunate than others to be able to receive such help. This is a big reason of why I want to be a part of doctors without borders one day. A big reason of why I wanted to become a doctor in the first place: to help people in need.


2 thoughts on “Day 108: Medicine and Travel Aspirations

  1. I pursued medicine in part for the same reasons. But at my first interview for med school, my interviewer (the dean!) kind of lambasted me for my interested in international healthcare, and not for the problems we have here in the US. Keep that in mind when you interview! Of course, I go to school in Detroit so it’s like working in a third world country…

    • The interview is the thing that I am most nervous about! I’ve heard so many horror stories. I do appreciate the tip though. 🙂 I will also be volunteering in the states at a hospital too though, so hopefully that will show my interest is not specifically third world countries, but in the states as well!

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