Day 106: Terrible sleeping habits

I have terrible sleeping habits. I realize this. I’ve come to accept it. It doesn’t become a problem until I have to set ten alarms, and yet even then I worry about not waking up, and missing classes and important events. I may have found my solution.

Hitting Snooze only delays the inevitable

This little guy is called Clocky Robotic Alarm. It is specifically designed to roll off of your night stand and continue going off and rolling away until you can catch it and turn it off. This sounds drastic, but I’m sure it’s effective! All of the reviews I’ve read about it are pretty good. Not only would I be awake by the time I caught it, but I would already have some exercise and released endorphins to start my day. Even if I’d be grumpy about it. I’m not a morning person and probably never will be, but every little step I can take to making mornings less dreadful and a bit more reliable is worth its weight in gold.


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