Day 101: Excuse me while I slip into a state of euphoria for the year ♥

It has come to my attention that Green Day – a band that has had my heart since middle school – is coming out with THREE albums starting this September. I don’t mean to over react but OH MY FREAKING GOSH I AM EXCITED! They have been my favorite band, and the single most important musical influence in my life. I genuinely would not be the same person had I never discovered them that day that I begged my mom to buy me the first CD of theirs even though it had a parental advisory sticker on it that I would own of eventually 11. They influenced my fashion, musical tastes, attitude, view on life, and state of mind. Now, So many of my primary and secondary school memories are Green Day-related. Years after falling for them, they finally went on tour but just my luck- skipped Dallas. Of course, this wasn’t going to keep me away, so my best friend, Shannon, and I convinced her parents to drive us all the way to Houston just to see them in person. And I just have to say- holy frick was it worth the wait. They put on such an amazing show. I’ve seen them twice now, and if I can help it I plan to see them every other time they make it into my metroplex- maybe even outside if they decide to skip Dallas again (knock on wood).

Even now, roughly eight or nine years later, if anyone were to ask me my favorite or most influential band, I would say Green Day in a heart beat. Some people aren’t a fan because they think the guitars are too simple, but honestly I think music’s lyrics are oh so much more important. They’re what tell the story. And every time I turn one of their records on, I am brought back into a state of nostalgia and perfection. Their words and music still affect me as they once did back then, and that’s proof to me that they are and always will be timeless in my heart. I am a loyal fan and always will be. There’s just too much talent and amazingness to ignore. As my Facebook status tonight states: “Excuse me while I slip into a state of euphoria for the year ♥”

This picture is of me and Shannon – the girl whose heart was stolen by Green Day with me in middle school, and who still gets excited with me when a Green Day song comes on the radio – on our road trip to Houston to see our idols.

I’ve been needing some good news like this with everything going on right now and all of the stresses I’ve been bogged down with. This is the best news I’ve heard in such a long time. I’m seriously so excited I could cry with happiness.


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