Day 98: Sassafras

So today was a day of constant studying and class commitments. I set my schedule for next semester, and hopefully I will be able to get of the classes I want when I officially set the schedule tomorrow morning. I’m FINALLY taking the last Spanish class before I have a minor in it! I’m kind of nervous, but also pretty excited. I really want to improve my Spanish. I cannot stress enough how much my time in Spain made me enjoy and actually have a desire to learn it. I got really lucky too because this will be the only actual classroom setting Spanish class that I will have taken on UNT’s campus. All of the other credits are from placing out and this Summer’s classes in España. It’s also kind of a big deal because I may double major in Biology and Spanish, but I am going to let this class decide that. I am so relieved that I finally have a plan of action. I finally have a plan for the future I have in mind. It’s nice to have at least that stress of school off of my shoulders, even if my path choice brings on more stresses like the Mcat and getting into med school. It’s all good though, and I am just going to take things step at a time.


And of course- productive days only occur with multiple cups of coffee and/or tea.



My poker studying face can only stay strong for so long though, so I did love on this little muffin for a bit.

And the last, but not least thing I am sharing with you tonight is a little conversation between a certain Codester and I. I cannot help but laugh out loud at our conversations – in person or over text. I have a feeling though that we aren’t as funny as we think we are… Who cares though because I think we’re hilarious.




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