Day 89: strangers

I recently read something somewhere about how a girl will always greet people no matter what with a smile because you never know if that’s the only smile or kindness they will see all day. She said she thought it was silly, but I’ve been thinking about it and I absolutely love that philosophy. Sometimes we do have those days where we don’t really have time to see or talk to those that make us laugh and smile because it’s such a nonstop day. It’s especially bad when we are having a bad day because we have nobody to give us that much needed hug, or smile and remind us that it’s just one day out of thousands and that everything IS going to be okay. I’m going to try to start living life this way. I already do smile at people pretty often and wave, but I’m going to start doing so with that in mind. And even if it’s not the only greet they get all day, so what? Nobody hates a nice smile or gesture no matter how good or bad their day is going. It’s just refreshing. (o:


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