Day 79: Thursday just get here already! (please)

Words cannot describe how ready I am for this premiere to just be here already! Today Cody and I went out looking for outfit materials, and I now have just about everything I need to dress as Katniss except an orange backpack. I have the boots, pants, shirt, jacket, braid, bow and arrows, and even a mockingjay pin finally! 🙂 I can’t even explain how excited I was to see it! I’ve been calling the Hot Topics in my area daily and they are always sold out-even online! I ran to it when I saw it!

Ya know, you wouldn’t think an orange backpack would be so difficult to come by. I checked Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Kohls… seriously. Why is this so difficult? I did find this rather cute one at Target, but it’s more of a purse than a backpack, and not entirely orange… I may go back for it though if all else fails. I would actually use this one again!



I’m only going to be a teenager for so much longer, so why not go all out now and have fun with it while I’m young and have an excuse? ;]


I also did my nails today! Err.. Attempted. I’m going to do the other hand with flames, and if this chips, I’ll probably just make them flames. They’re so much easier. Oh my gosh, did I mention I’m excited?!


Oh, and have I mentioned that Draw Something has Katniss as an option now?! I love it!!


Just one more thing before we part- my friend sent this to me today, and I thought I’d share it here. Pretty much sums everything up just about right. Hahaha



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