Day 76: There’s no feeling quite like falling in love with a book. ♥

So this bow in my hair was about the extent of my Saint Patricks Day celebration today. It’s been a good day though. I really like my new job. I’m relieved because I was really worried at first. The environment is like a family though, and I couldn’t ask for more! Everyone is very nice and funny. The waitress I work with actually put my festive bow in my hair for me. If only I had the magic touch that girls are supposed to have with hair, make up and such. I’m trying though, and I feel like I’m getting better!


Here’s a picture of Max begging for my dinner tonight too. He’s just so darned cute! He knows I can’t say no, the little mongrel.


Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to dress up for the Hunger Games premiere at least somewhat. Hopefully I can get more people in our group to do so too. I already know for sure that I will be putting my hair in a french braid just like Katniss does. I found a few ideas online that I may decide to go through with too. Here are just a few:

And a mockingjay pin hopefully if I can find one in time!

There’s no feeling quite like falling in love with a book. ♥

Also, I’m in love with both of the Taylor Swift songs on the soundtrack. I found out about this one a couple days ago. I’m absolutely ready for this darned movie to come out already!!


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