Day 69: lengua apreciación y hide and go seek

I have so much respect for people that can speak multiple languages. It’s tough work. I whipped out my Spanish to tonight with a couple in the kitchen at work today. They’re both really sweet. I think this is going to be a really good thing because I’ve been meaning to practice my español up in hurr! I think going to Spain was one of the best things that I did because it really made me appreciate the language. Being lost in paris made me appreciate all languages because they can come of use anywhere, and i got so lucky that the father and daughter that overheard me and the other two people that got pushed off of the train spoke Spanish. They helped us find the right way, and stayed with us until our teacher and the rest of the students came back for us. I’m hoping to brush up on my Spanish, and then eventually I’d like to learn French. Of course I also want to learn Farsi too, so I’ve got a pretty big list going on. For now I’m going to focus on perfecting my Spanish. I really need to work on past tenses and subjunctive.

Anywhoo, I know you’re probably sick of pictures of my dog, but I’m not, and will never be, so here are a couple more, and there haven’t been more yet, ohh but there will be. You better believe that. He’s just so cute!



As you can see… He’s really good at hide and go seek.


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