Day 66: “May the odds be ever in your favor”

Let’s see… job interview, job obtained, half of TABC license application through, registration to vote form placed in the mail, 90 on Sociology quiz, Biology exam taken, some of Mockingjay read … I’d say that today was more than a productive day. 🙂

I keep watching the Hungergames trailers and I am so so excited! Words cannot describe! I think I’m going to nerd it up and actually buy a Mockingjay pin from Hot Topic. Why not? Especially since I absolutely plan on attending midnights to all three movies. Oh my gosh, this series is taking over my life. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the girl playing Katniss was Mystic from X-Men. A mere couple weeks ago, I was telling myself that I had to read the first book before the movie came out, and now here I am obsessing and already well through the third and final installment. I know I’ll be sad when the books are over. I’m not used to being so captivated by books. I have been reading A LOT more than I ever thought I would, but I’m not complaining! I’ve been meaning to get back into the groove of it, I just haven’t had the right books to all this time I suppose. Sure I could say I don’t have time, but honestly, you have time for whatever you make time for. I’d rather read a book than spend 3 hours on Facebook any day.

I like reading an awful lot more than TV. Everything is just the way you want it to be with a book. You are your own director reading the script. In movies and TV shows, no imagination is left up to you, and instead you have to watch someone else’s directing and vision. I’m oh so glad to be back into reading though. I think that getting a Kindle Fire was one of the best things I did! It’s so difficult to pry it out of my hands.


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