Day 63: I’ll Prove You Wrong

“So wait… you want me to run? As in… the whole time? For a whole mile…? And you expect me to live to see the end of that mile?”

That was my reaction throughout middle school and high school whenever the athletic departments decided to perform a fitness test for the class. I have always had a deep hatred for running. Tennis? Love it. Basketball? Count me in! Swimming? Heck yes! But running?!

Once high school was over, a wave of relief hit me when I realized that never again would I be forced to run (or sadly attempt to run) in front of a group of people and timed for a mile’s distance. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. It wasn’t until my Sophomore year of college, when I couldn’t even run two laps around the UNT rec center’s track – in which eight laps is the equivalent of one mile- that I realized just how pathetic that was. Something had to change. After realizing this, I became dedicated to training in order to be able to run those eight laps around that little track. I worked my butt off, visiting the rec every other day. FINALLY one day I hit a mile on the treadmill and a wave of relief washed over me. Yes. It is possible for a non-runner like me to run a mile without stopping.

After reaching my goal, I became determined to keep going. I’ve signed up for a 5K (3.1 miles) that is at the end of April, and I am now in the process of training for it. Never before would I have ever imagined that me- the girl who couldn’t even make 1/4 of a mile run without stopping – actually sign up for a 5K willingly. I still can’t run 3.1 miles yet, but the difference between me now and then is that now I believe that I actually can. Now I know that I can. Now I realize that it is possible- you just have to want it bad enough, and train hard enough. Runners aren’t made overnight.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I started a workout jar system, where I place one gumball from the “workouts TO DO” jar into the “workouts DONE” jar. I placed in just enough to equal five workouts a week from now to the start of Summer in order to be fit and in shape for bikini season. I was looking at the jars today and decided to completely empty both out. I was about half way through the jars, but honestly there was no set goal in mind. With the running plan I’m following, I have to run three times a week – increasing in stamina and distance every week, sometimes more often. I decided to replace mere “workout gumballs” with “runs until I can run a 5k gumballs.” This way, I have something to look at for the work I’ve been doing. Now I’m only three weeks in, but by April 28, I should be more than ready to run the entire 5K. I’m really excited to see myself accomplish this goal. It’s an awesome feeling seeing you prove not only others wrong, but yourself wrong. I’m well on my way, and I’m absolutely excited! 🙂



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