Day 59: Books Complete Me

I love libraries. I love bookstores. I love the scent of actual pages. I love measuring how far into a book I am by eyeing where the bookmark is. Never did I ever picture myself having an electronic book reader. It was just too different and unholy almost. I still want a huge library in my house when I’m older in the future.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely love my new kindle though! I never pegged myself for “one of those people.” Really though, it’s a wonderful deal. Less weight to carry around; quick and easy notes on the book without having to worry about damaging the value; paying fractions of the price of actual books; the list goes on. I probably still will purchase copies of my favorite books, and I still do want a giant library in my house, and I still prefer actual ink to electronic words on a page, however I also value the words of a good book. That is what makes the book great: the words within it. No matter if it is in print, audio, or electronic screens. I also value the money in my pocket, and not only for leisure, but knowing I have countless future years in school to go, electronic seemed like the only sensible way to go.

And if I may say so myself… I absolutely LOVE my new Kindle Fire. ❤ I am so excited, and I hope that I'll read an awful lot more now that I have one.


2 thoughts on “Day 59: Books Complete Me

  1. Nice post! Books also complete me and my family. There’s nothing like my 2 year old son came to me after a long day at the office with the book in his hand and asks me to read a story.. Keep on blogging 🙂

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