Day 58: Thankfulness is not just for Thanksgiving

I don’t think we take enough time out of our day to stop and be thankful for everything that we have. Some have more money than others, some better health than others, yet we all have something to be thankful for. I thought I’d dedicated tonight’s post to those things (and people) that I am thankful for. Here we go!

I am thankful for…

  • my family
  • freedom of speech
  • my health
  • that I can afford to attend college
  • all of the friends I have around me – both near and far
  • my planner (i’d be lost without it!)
  • enough money to eat and drink at my leisure
  • having a roof over my head
  • To be able to wake up every morning
  • all of my senses
  • my legs- they may get sore from workouts at times, but I am lucky enough that I have the capability to use them in such an intensive manner.
  • my heart- I feel sorry for people who do not take a second to feel compassion. It is one of the things that makes life worth living.
  • Disney movies of course!
  • music- it truly does make my world go round. Life would be so silent without it. Eery almost.
  • My pets- all three of them. After losing one last year, I truly learned to appreciate them while I have them. They mean so much to me. They’re pretty much my babies. All of them.
  • Cellphones
  • Books – ’nuff said
  • my comfy bed. I don’t usually take the time to truly appreciate it until I have to sleep somewhere else for the night.
  • kind strangers and random acts of kindness. On those days where I am on the verge of losing it, and a kind stranger does something – maybe as little as smiling at me- I am reminded that the world isn’t such a bad and scary place after all.
  • my misfortunes, mistakes, and heartbreaks.  I truly believe that these things help me to grow as a person, become stronger, and grant me the ability to see things in a new light.
  • yoga
  • tea
  • coffee- not sure what I would do without it.
  • laughter. When caused by both me and others. It truly is the best medicine.
  • today



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