Day 54

Probably the only picture I will ever be able to capture with this wiggle worm!

FINALLY got a picture with Sugar, so I thought I’d post it in all its glory! 😉

So tomorrow I see my stepsister again. I don’t think I’ll tell my mom about it this time. I know she’ll tell my dad, and I don’t feel he has any right to know. Maybe that’s selfish. I don’t think so. I’ve had a good ten years to think about it. If he wanted to know how she was doing, or anything of the sort, I feel like that’s his responsibility to take care of. To pick up that phone. His responsibility to contact her and make sure thinks are going well. But that seemingly selfish take on the situation honestly has some past emotions and situations behind it. Not just about them. I just feel as though a parent should be the person who stands up and accepts the blame. Who is the bigger person. Who does everything they can to ensure that the child has a happy and fulfilled life. Who accepts the responsibility to take the actions of a good parent.



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