Day 51: I Need a Change of Pace

You know those bursts of time where you just feel like you’re moving through life and getting things done and accomplished, but not really taking a second to stop and smell the roses? I feel stuck. Like I need a change of pace. I need a new view. Studying and scheduling only goes so far until the repetitiveness becomes boredom and simply a daily routine that is no longer an exciting or challenging. I know how to study. I’ve done it ever since I can remember. What I want to do is get out there and do something different! I have a hair appointment tomorrow, so maybe I’ll go a little cray cray with that. I do have an upcoming Alpha Epsilon Delta (a premed honor society) meeting to attend next Tuesday for the first time! I’m excited to see what that’s about. I suppose I do have a concert coming up, so that’s fun to look forward too. I’ve also chosen the next song to cover, but I just need to get the guitar part down as soon as I get a chance to breathe. Also, hopefully one of the hundred places that I’ve applied to will call back. I also plan to apply for an RA position on campus this weekend, so if I get it, that’d be amazing!

I really want to try something brand new though! I know a couple friends and I were talking about going to a country club together just to see what it was like, so maybe I can get that going for sure and set a date. I’m definitely ready for Spring Break, but at the same time, I don’t really have too exciting of plans in place yet, so hopefully something will come into play very soon!

Even so, I just feel like I need something to throw me off of the main path, and get me thinking in a new way. A challenge. Idk if that makes much sense to anyone but me, but it’s a pretty strong feeling. I’m not sure why these waves wash over me. I suppose generally it’s around the beginning of semesters, so it’s not too far off from the norm. You’d think by now I’d have a system for getting back on track. Nope. Just as confusing as the all the other times. Ahh well. It may just be the lack of sleep and upcoming Biology and Chemistry tests coming up talking, but I really don’t think so.


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