Day 48:Forever Young at Heart

Who needs to grow up? I don’t want to! I think the friends we have keep us young. Those we laugh with the most, and act the most immature with. In other words, the most fun ones. Tonight was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long while. It was much needed too. It was one of my best friend’s birthdays-Lauren- and she turned 20. Now normally you’d think a 20 year-old would probably just have pizza and not do much for their birthday. Well not the White family. We went to a place were the floors are literally made of trampolines and it was a BLAST. As was the car ride there and back, the food and decorating of shirts beforehand, and the food, piñata and fun afterwards too. 🙂 I love my friends. The only weird part of the night was a little ten year-old I think who would not leave me alone… I’m not sure he understood by my rudeness and ignoring him that I was not at all interested. But nonetheless he did help to make the night, so I can’t complain. If I had to rate tonight on a scale of one to five grace faces, it’d be 4 and 3/4. I’d give it a full five if it came with a shot o Bailey’s. ;] If you watch Daily Grace you’ll get the reference.



I’m in love with Lauren’s position in this last one. 🙂


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