Day 44: Productivity and Ariana CAN be used in the same sentence

So today is Valentine’s Day. Every corner on the street reminded me of this. Even the coffee I ordered from the shop on campus had “happy valentine’s day! ❤ " written in sharpie on the cup sleeve. It actually didn't affect me like you'd think. I accomplished an awful lot today, which kept me busy pretty much the entire day from 7am to approximately an hour ago. Homework, appointments, birthday and anniversary shopping, errands ran, notes printed, class attended, and I even purchased a copy of The Hunger Games while out and about. I plan to read it before the movie comes out this March I believe, so that I can be one of the people who annoyingly says, “yeah, the movie was good but the book was SO much better.” Words from all directions and people have told me that the book is amazing again and again. I’ve also wanted to read a lot more, so now with a deadline- the movie release date- ahead of me, I’m hoping it’ll get me extra motivated to finish in time. This deadline thing certainly helped with the last book I finished! So anywho, I’ll post an update on my thoughts of the “amazing” book when i finish it. ;]

Also, just to make this post a bit pizazzier, here is a picture of my friend Cody holding the most amazing birthday card EVER.



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