Day 34

They say that with a real friend, it doesn’t matter how long you are apart, or how long it has been since your last get together. That this real friend and you will click just as you did the last time you saw one another, and that the laughter will still flow, and the smiles will still be ear-to-ear. Ever since college, having friendships tested as they’ve never been before with such distances and timespans between visits, I absolutely believe this to be true. I think one of the all-time testaments to this statement is my friendship with Lauren. She left the country to live in Fiji for over two years. I couldn’t pick up the phone to call her, drive to her house to see her, or even hear her voice for such a long time. Sure she came to visit once or twice, but that’s hardly any time at all, in all honesty. Real friends do what they can to keep in touch, and then laugh like hyenas when they are finally reunited as one again. 🙂 I guess this post is dedicated to all my friendships that have been tested and made it over the years. Not just Lauren, but to my friends who are far away at college, living lives that I could easily be subtracted from, but haven’t been. 🙂 I believe this also helps to strengthen our relationships too. Just knowing what they can withstand makes the unknown future just that much less scary and that much more filled of love and smiles.

I think that’s part of the reason that I still believe in fairytales. If such beautiful friendship can be constructed with those I love, who is to say that there is not someone out there who feels the same way, and who would be the best darned best friend I’ve ever had? Someone who is able to finish my sentences, and actually laugh at my jokes, when even I know they’re awful. Basically all of the traits a good friend should have, except that this person is male, and head over heels for me as I’ll be for him. I’m only 19, so I know I’ve got time ahead of me. I know I’m getting ahead of myself. Fairytales take time, and I know my time will come. For now, I’m just focusing on strengthening bonds with those I care about, and as just about every other college kid is doing, figuring myself out.


I also did get to see the beautiful Madison Soranno today. :] Yet another of my beautiful friendships that has managed to stay together through thick and thin. ❤


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