I guess I took the right seat in my biology lab today, because scratched into the desk was this little beauty. 😉


I’m also almost finished logging all due dates and test days in my calendars! My iCal is ready to go go, but I had to take a break on my planner because it actually takes a very long time. I actually enjoy it though. If this was all I had to do to get a 4.0 gpa and a degree I’d be golden! Alas, actual course work will hit tomorrow, so that golden will start to turn more of a bronze color. I’m ready though!! (I say that now..) I was ready until I got to the spring break portion of dates. I’m already psyched for it! 🙂 I can’t complain I guess, since I’ll have a four day weekend every week this semester. 😉


My fortune cookie tonight stated that “now is a good time to try something new.” It couldn’t be a more perfect time either, being the beginning of the year and semester. I actually did try something new to today. Zumba! I do want to try many new things though, so I am hoping my flexible schedule will allow it. 🙂


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