Day six… Once a Disney kid, always a Disney kid <3

I’m not so sure I’ll ever fully grow up. I’m not so sure I ever want to. I mean sure, I’ll grow older, mature, and grow wiser with age… But I don’t think I ever want to lose the immaturity that brings about laughter and smiles in others. What’s the point? One can grow wiser without growing up completely. Some of the most beautiful adults I know are still children at heart, and it’s absolutely inspiring. I like being silly. I like laughing at immature things. I like laughing at nothing with my best friends. There is a quote, “Ask a child for advice. They may not know much, but they know what’s important.” Children also have a tendency to have a more optimistic view of the world and sense of wonder. Almost like artists. I guess if I had to put my finger on it, i’m probably guilty of wearing the rose-colored glasses. I like wearing them though. I like looking out my window and seeing beauty in the most simple of things, such as a lamp post, or a simple tree. It keeps the world in that state of wonder and beauty, and makes walking through it that much more intriguing.

ANYWAYS the whole point of that rant was originally intended to introduce my newest addition to my childish views… My new Mac sticker! : ) I absolutely love it!! I think I’ll always love belting to Disney songs, and watching the movies. At least I sure hope I do!



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