Day three of 365 days project… with a little Vegas on the side!

So today is day three of the 365 day challenge, and day two in Las Vegas! I saw many of the pretty sights in the city, such as the New York City hotel, many Egypt-inspired works, and the Eiffel tower of Las Vegas. It is pretty, however, it is no where near as large as the real thing. It looks almost identical though, only miniature-sized! Seeing the Vegas version of New York really made me feel the travel bug NYC style! I’ve always wanted to go, but never had the opportunity to. Hopefully sometime soon I will be fortunate enough to go finally!

All of the hotels here are incredible. Some even have malls in them! Of course they all have casinos in them…even the airport had slot machines! There are miniature versions of world-famous Pieces of art and architecture around every corner. Those and wedding chapels.

Being Vegas, of course this place is crawling with casinos, so of course I found myself in a few today, and I actually got kicked out of one! Little did I know that you actually have to be 21 to gamble out here. I had thought it was only 18 – like in Oklahoma – but apparently not. I wasn’t even trying to gamble, I was just standing beside my mom who was about to play her first game of Russian Roulette. Oh well though. It’s probably better that I’m not allowed on the casino floor because my pockets will stay full rather than empty.

I finally did find a drum stick of Green Day’s drummer, Tré Cool, while perusing the hotel, and a poster with Billie’s picture on it, but no big cases or guitars dedicated to them yet. One has to exist. It just has to!

I watched Criss Angel perform tonight and it was really neat! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed, but it was really cool to be so close to him and the stage. It’s almost surreal watching people you’ve watched on tv in person. Same with musicians. On a random day of the week- a Wednesday – his show was sold out! The tickets weren’t exactly cheap either. He must make a TON of money! He really inspired me though so follow my passions and not let anyone tell you “you can’t.” I know it sounds lame, but seeing one person follow their aspirations and getting somewhere is pretty darned inspiring to me.











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